2018: Training My Husband To Take Better Pictures Of Me.

A new year is often a fabulous opportunity to start anew – break open the scratchy plastic that seals a new journal, buy multiple sets of Lycra-based breathable clothing that you’ll only wear while eating ice-cream on the sofa and make fabulous promises to yourself that you’ll never be able to keep.  People often know me as an optimist. Unfortunately, this oft infallible optimism rarely extends to my thoughts about New Years Resolutions. This may be because of my skills at breaking them without thought, much less even having the shame to look back and realise that I’m breaking them.

I vividly remember saving a whole pile of shamelessly-screen-printed inspirational quotes to my phone in an effort to force me into some form of “Proper Adult”.  As if this collection of artfully constructed pixels would somehow convince me to GMST. This clearly didn’t work throughout 2017.

I’ve already added one extra inspirational Instagram post to my burgeoning collection, and ladies and gents, it’s only day one.

So, just like my annual efforts to revive my blogging skills, some habits die hard and I’m equal parts stubborn to my foolish.

Welcome to my new website www.jaynes.blog – I’ll be unreservedly sharing thoughts, adventures, lack of adventures, lactose adventures and all sorts of tomfoolery with y’all here. I’m ready to ransack 2018 and punch it in the face.

Come join me.

x jayne


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